BREAKING: They’re Kicking Him Out – Donald Trump is FURIOUS

Progressive groups are pressuring Twitter to ban President Donald Trump’s account as the election is being handed off to the court system to figure out.

Watchdog group Common Cause and The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law both issued a statement calling for Twitter to censor the President for allegedly spreading disinformation.

The joint statement read, “We fear that, in the absence of action by Twitter, the President may be successful in his goal of delegitimizing the integrity of our democratic processes for many, and not just Twitter users but other voters and members of the public, sowing uncertainty about the voting and elections process, and potentially inciting violence against civil servants or others.”

This same group seems unconcerned about the delegitimizing of our electoral process by massive and widespread voter fraud that the President is trying to sound the alarm about.

Both groups lobbying Twitter to censor the President of the United States don’t seem to have Americans’ best interest in mind and one could be forgiven for thinking they are politically motivated.

This latest action is a reminder for Americans that no matter the outcome of the election, Big Tech companies need to be held accountable for their voter suppression.

Read the full story here.

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