BREAKING: They’re HELPING China – Trump Furious At…

Social media giant Twitter has been fact-checking President Trump but at the same time is turning a blind eye to Chinese government accounts spreading disinformation about coronavirus.

Trump is understandably furious as he has been targeted while other government actors have not faced similar treatment.

Twitter is making it clear they would rather work with China and attack the President of the United States.

Analysts have determined that Chinese state officials have published more than 90,000 tweets related to the coronavirus outbreak. A majority of those accounts are propaganda outlets for the communist party.

Twitter decided to choose sides in this information war, and that could land them in a lot of trouble. The decision to specifically target the President could be grounds for an official investigation.

President Trump recently signed an executive order designed to begin holding Twitter accountable for their political meddling. That may the first of many actions to push back against the social media giant.

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