BREAKING: They’re Going After CHILDREN – The Sickening Scandal They Wanted Kept Silent

Just when you thought things in America couldn’t be worse, a stunning report shows that the woke leftist elite are coming for our children.

According to, “In case anyone out there is still letting their kids watch Cartoon Network (or started letting their kids watch HBO), there’s more woke programming coming down the pipeline to, well, program your kid in the ways of rainbows and ‘tolerance.'”

Per the trailer (see video below), it’s clear they have an agenda for your kids:

“It’s these sweet little characters that always have the best intentions and are hopefully teaching kindness and supporting one another, and everything that a cartoon should be,” Ellen DeGeneres said to the AP.

“But it just happens to have a couple of characters that have same-sex parents. which is great. I think it’s always important for kids to be exposed to what is reality. This is reality,” said Ellen. “It’s supportive.”

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