BREAKING: They KILLED Him – White House Stunned

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced at the National Press Club on Tuesday that he was able to confirm the death of al Qaeda’s number two leader Abu Muhammad al-Masri on August 7.

Al-Masri’s shooting death was previously announced in November by the New York Times, but had not been officially confirmed.

He was on the “FBI’s Most Wanted List for slaughtering members of our State Department family in the Kenya and Tanzania bombings of 1998,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo contradicted Times reporting that said al-Qaeda and Iran are enemies, but Pompeo said they were actually partners working together.

“They aren’t enemies. Al-Masri’ s presence inside Iran points to the reason I gathered you all here today,” he said to the assembled ambassadors and Iran experts. “Al-Qaeda has a new home base: the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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