BREAKING: They FINALLY Caught Nancy Pelosi – It’s Over…

Republican Representative Jerry Carl of Alabama has had enough of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s shenanigans, and he’s speaking up about it.

“Carl has no intention of watching this week’s primetime House January 6 committee hearings,” reports Breitbart.

“According to Carl, there was no reason to watch them, and he said the question he would have as far as the committee was concerned was about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” reported Breitbart News.

Carl said Democrats are overplaying the January 6 Capitol riot in hopes of using it for political advantage.

“I’m going to carry my life on,” Carl said. “I am not going to pay any attention to the January [6] hearings on TV or wherever they’re at. That scenario has just got to play out. I renamed D.C. last night. I was talking to a staff member, and I call this place now the drama capital. Everything is so dramatized. This January 6 stuff. I mean, the questions I want to ask, want answered, they haven’t even asked, and they won’t ask.”

“I want to know what Nancy Pelosi knew, when she knew it, how she knew it and why she didn’t prepare for it,” Carl hammered.

“We need these bad characters that destroyed and tore our Capitol up — we do need to deal with them,” Carl added. “But the amount of money we’re spending and time on this committee is obnoxious. It is obnoxious. I’m sorry, but I find no entertainment in it. That’s what they’re trying to turn it into. It’s one of the few things Democrats think is going to give them victory in November. So they’re putting all their efforts they possibly can into it, and I think it is just going to blow up on them because what I think is there, from what I understand, there is nothing truly there.”

Then Carl dropped the hammer, adding that the Democrats blow everything up to make people afraid in hopes of political gain.

“They’ll make it out to be a whole lot more, just like the Russia story, everything else that they do,” Carl continued. “They’ll blow it up and try to make us all fearful of our shadows over it. But in reality, I just don’t see it, and I’m certainly not going to spend my time watching it. I’ve got a whole lot more issues up here to deal with.”

To see a video of Carl’s comments, click here.

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