BREAKING: They DELETED Everything – Bill Barr FURIOUS

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has uncovered Justice Department records that show senior members of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team “accidentally” wiped their phone’s data several times.

According to the 87 pages worth of records obtained by Judicial Watch, 27 phones were wiped clean prior to being reviewed for records preservation purposes.

20 phones were wiped clean because of accidentally entering the wrong password too many times.

Phones do not wipe data off of one wrong password entry. Someone would have to repeatedly enter a wrong password which makes no sense.

The far likelier explanation is that Mueller and his team had a mandate to wipe data to ensure it wasn’t preserved for records that could damage them later.

If any American’s still believed that Mueller’s team wasn’t out to take President Trump down, they should know now that Mueller’s investigation was nothing but a hit job on a duly elected President.

Read the full story here.

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