BREAKING: They Caught Colin Kaepernick In The Act – Watch…

Colin Kaepernick is so desperate to get back into the National Football League that he’s begging.

He’s so desperate, he’s even offered to serve as a backup QB.

“However, suppose the league lets him back in. In that case, they’re going to be readmitting a radical activist who once likened the NFL Combine process to a slave auction and referred to a drone strike on an Iranian general who helped kill hundreds of American troops as an ‘American terrorist attack,'” reports Breitbart News.

Kaepernick has said some crazy things. Here’s a list of some of the things:

1. He can’t stand for the flag.
2. He said the U.S. was never great.
3. He said Independence Day is “White Supremacy”

4. He doomed the Nike Betsy Ross shoe.

5. He attacked the military

6. The NFL is slavery

There’s more. To read more of the ridiculous things Kaepernick has said, click here.

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