BREAKING: They Are QUITTING – Republicans In Shock

High-ranking officials just announced they are quitting. Republicans are in shock — no one expected this to happen and there will be consequences.

According to Breitbart News, 24 federal judges are claiming senior status, whereby they may step away from the bench to allow for a replacement while still collecting their salary and work a reduced caseload.”

Now, President Joe Biden may nominate full-time replacements. It goes without saying that he will select even more liberal judges to fill these seats at the U.S. District Court level — and the Senate will confirm them.

If needed, Vice President Kamala Harris can break a tie since the Senate’s partisan divide is 50-50. Democrats, then, will have to decide if they want to go it alone every time or compromise with Republicans.

Since the Supreme Court now leans in the conservative direction, taking over the lower courts is of particular concern for Democrats and it appears at least some of these new vacancies may have been politically motivated.

“Congratulations on becoming our new president,” wrote Judge William Alsup in a letter to Biden dated January 21, 2021. “I feel like it is now time for me to ‘go senior,'” he said.

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