BREAKING: They Are Officially Leaving Washington DC – It’s Finally Happening

They are officially leaving Washington, DC. After months of delays and uncertainty, it is finally happening and

“National Guard troops are wrapping up their months-long mission of securing the United States Capitol this week, the Pentagon said Monday,” according to Breitbart News.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said, “There’s still about 1,000 or so that are still in the Capitol area, but they’re in the process as their whole effort now is just in the process of moving on back home.”

Americans are always thankful for the sacrificial service of the National Guard and all of the troops. However, many have concluded that they were being used as political props all along.

Calls have been made for weeks to send the troops back to their home states, given that no credible threats needing such a large military presence in DC have materialized since the Jan. 6 incident.

It would seem that President Joe Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not care. Instead, they wanted to create a climate of fear and paranoia. The National Guard should be sent to the border to actually defend the country.

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