BREAKING: They Are HUNTING Biden’s Son – Family Shocked…

Media outlets including the New York Times and Washington Post have finally begun to report on the FBI investigation into Hunter Biden, which some fear could produce an indictment in coming months.

Both outlets admitted after a year and a half that the Hunter Biden laptop first reported about in October 2020 before the election was authentic, countering a narrative the press tried to create at the time that it was fabricated and contained Russian disinformation.

The New York Post took the media to task for the failure to report the story, which had enough credibility at the time to be reported and has since been verified numerous times.

WaPo seemed to agree, with its board writing, “The lesson learned from 2016 was evidently to err on the side of setting aside questionable material in the heat of a political campaign. The lesson learned from 2020 may well be that there’s also a danger of suppressing accurate and relevant stories.”

Even though left-leaning outlets have had to acknowledge the story to maintain any shred of credibility, they are still largely suppressing the story and minimizing it to shield Biden and his family, including his father the president.

Read the full story here.

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