BREAKING: The Vote Is In… Shocking Results [Developing]

The vote is in. The corridors of power in Washington have taken notice of the shocking results, and the impact will be felt nationwide — especially over the course of the 2020 election.

According to reports, House Democrats have tallied votes within their caucus and determined that they’ve reached the threshold to impeach President Trump. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has doomed her party at the ballot box.

This news comes as “at least 18 from the 31 Democratic-held districts that Mr. Trump won in the 2016 presidential race had announced they would support the abuse-of-power and obstruction of Congress charges.”

There are also at least two House Democrats opposed, which is worth noting: If they don’t flip to Pelosi’s side, the only thing “bipartisan” about this witch-hunt will be the opposition to it. That’s ironic.

But the Democrats who won seats in swing districts in 2016 are by no means out of the woods. It took a lot of convincing — including a Pelosi-aligned PAC pouring money into their districts.

Many are already concluding that Democrats are headed for disaster next November. Pelosi will have already used all of her party’s political capital, and Trump’s base will be fully energized and ready to make a showing.

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