BREAKING: The Truth Comes Out – Andrew Cuomo HUMILIATED

Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” brought on two New Yorkers whose 89-year-old father died in New York’s nursing home following Governor Andrew Cuomo’s (D) decision to send Covid-19 patients to nursing homes.

Daniel and Peter Arbeeny tore into Cuomo for not only his decisions that killed thousands in New York’s nursing homes but also for his attempts to coverup the scandal.

Daniel Arbeeny said, “He’s consistently lied and gaslighted us and called us names from the beginning. In May, I asked on CNN for an apology. Today, [he] is still blaming us and deflecting. I’m asking CNN, Chris Cuomo, his brother, to interview us and learn what really happened.”

It wasn’t until an investigation by the New York Attorney General that the full extent of the nursing homes’ deaths was revealed. Even while Cuomo attacked Donald Trump for his coronavirus response, Cuomo was killing thousands.

Peter Arbeeny continued, “I would want to be the first person to tell Cuomo that what he doesn’t like about Trump is exactly who he is. He’s Trump’s twin, and he should learn a little empathy. He should learn to own his mistakes.”

Cuomo not owning his mistakes may very well cost him his political career as New York Republicans are putting together a movement to impeach Cuomo. There must be justice for the thousands of elderly New Yorkers who Cuomo betrayed.

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