BREAKING: The Results Were FALSE – Proof Shocks Nation

A former Alabama testing lab owner has been sent to prison for falsifying test results that led to several children being removed from their homes even though the parents did nothing wrong.

Brandy Murrah pled guilty to one felony charge of perjury and 16 misdemeanor counts of forgery after submitting false results that parents had drugs in their system when that was not the case.

Several parents testified at her sentencing hearing about being separated from their children because of her actions.

Murrah’s crimes were discovered in 2019 after one of the parents, Jennifer Severs, contacted the doctor on Murrah’s report and found out that he had never conducted the lab tests reported.

Before she was sentenced, Murrah said, “I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my life… I’m sorry for anyone I ever hurt. I really did not do this intentionally to ever hurt anyone.”

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