BREAKING: The Real Joe Biden EXPOSED – The Evidence Proves He…

The real Joe Biden was just exposed. He has publicly implicated himself — the evidence proves he is guilty and he can’t escape justice now.

“I applaud this relief package, but our work is far from over,” said Biden on Twitter. “Starting in the new year, Congress will need to immediately get to work on support for our COVID-19 plan.”

“My message to everyone out there struggling right now: help is on the way,” Biden concluded. In context, this means that even though Congress just passed a nearly $1 trillion relief bill, he plans to push for even more.

Word is still out on what Biden’s so-called “plan” will include, but he is clearly wanting to raid the U.S. Treasury — and future generations — with unrestrained deficit-spending for left-wing policy goals.

We have already been given a preview. In the relief bill that was just passed, it includes billions of dollars in foreign aid and other ridiculous items that have nothing to do with helping the American people. It is disgusting.

This is why President Donald Trump has asked Congress to pass a clean bill without all of the unrelated pork. If we are going to spend money, it should be for a specific purpose and only for Americans. Period.

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