BREAKING: The Pick Is In – Female Choice Shocks Nation

The pick was just announced and the news is spreading across the country. This female choice has shocked the nation, but it is now official. There is no turning back as the election season moves quickly towards November.

Jo Jorgensen, a 63-year-old psychology professor at Clemson University, has become the Libertarian Party’s “first woman to top the party’s presidential ticket,” reported Fox News after the announcement went public.

“The choice isn’t one or the other but the one that gives you the most freedom!” tweeted Jorgensen shortly following her nomination. “Make the decision that benefits the most people and not some ‘lesser evil.'”

Some have speculated that Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) removing his name from the list of candidates seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination helped pave the way for Jorgensen, but the political odds are not in her favor.

The race for the White House is between President Donald Trump and former President Joe Biden — and all other candidates could play some kind of spoiler role in one direction or another, statistically speaking.

For years, the Libertarian Party has struggled for relevance in U.S. politics. Without a robust fundraising model or candidates with national name ID, however, it is likely that the party’s election woes will only continue.

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