BREAKING: The Numbers Are In – Dems FAIL

The numbers are in. Democrats are failing and the evidence points to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment push against President Trump. It is completely over for them.

According to a report by One America News Network, Trump’s approval rating is at “an all-time high,” in spite of the impeachment shenanigans in Washington, DC.

“In a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll,” said OAN’s Jenn Pellegrino, “the impeachment debacle could very well secure four more years for President Trump.”

According to the poll, 47 percent of registered voters said they “approved” of Trump’s job performance, which Pellegrino noted is “an all-time high for his first term.”

She went on to note how economic issues are largely driving Trump’s approval rating — namely, the strong state of our economy, which is “one of the president’s greatest achievements.”

According to conventional wisdom, Trump should be tanking in the polls. But the Democrats are operating from an old playbook, and they will have to face reality at the ballot box in November.

See the full story here.

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