BREAKING: The New Numbers Are In – Biden Is FURIOUS

Even though Joe Biden is in the Oval Office and claims he got a mandate from the people, a poll (from the left-leaning outlet of NBC no less) shows something quite different.

According to John Nolte at Breitbart News, Donald Trump and President Biden are statistically tied in the most recent approval rating poll from NBC:

After years and years of the fake corporate media shielding him. After pumping him up as America’s savior over the course of the 2020 presidential campaign, His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s incoming job approval rating is — per far-left NBC News — just 44 percent.

Now get this…

After years and years of the fake corporate media lying about President Trump, trashing President Trump, smearing him as a racist and Russian spy, and even after two weeks of falsely blaming him for the Capitol Hill riot, his approval rating sits at — per the far-left NBC News — 43 percent.

Not exactly the mandate Biden keeps talking about. And for what it’s worth, Rasmussen’s last job approval poll of Donald Trump showed a 51% approval rating.

Food for thought.

To read more about this poll, click here.

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