BREAKING: The New Count Is Official – Donald Trump Is Cheering

The new count was just made official. President Donald Trump is cheering — his pro-America legacy will be saved after all. This is huge.

“Three of four GOP supporters want their legislators to ‘be more like President [Donald] Trump’ in 2021, according to a Rasmussen survey of likely voters,” reported Breitbart News.

In fact, according to Breitbart’s Neil Munro on Twitter, “Democrats are ‘gloomy’ about the strength of Trump’s populism, says WashPo, echoing NYTimes.” It is being openly admitted by left-wing publications.

Perhaps the election didn’t go quite as Democrats had hoped. While it appears likely that Joe Biden will prevail amidst intense controversy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s majority was severely diminished.

A majority of the new Republicans in the House — from California to Georgia — were elected while openly supporting Trump. This is striking fear into the hearts of Pelosi and the DC swamp.

Trump may have been somehow limited to one term, but his America First agenda isn’t going anywhere and it is clearly getting stronger. Biden and the Democrats won’t be able to ignore it, and they know that.

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