BREAKING: The Most Shocking Migrant Secret Joe Biden Doesn’t Want America To Know…

Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX) reported Tuesday that families are being released into the U.S. without even being given a court date.

Cuellar said it was this fact that led him to release photos of the detention sites at the same time that the Biden administration is attempting to gag the press from reporting on conditions at the border.

“If somebody has an asylum claim, a credible fear claim, then I think they should ask for that, but I’d rather have them do it in their country instead of coming down here and then being released and not knowing if they’re going to show up later at a different time,” he said.

The photos Cuellar released showed migrant children packed by the dozens into clear pods like cages and sleeping on the floor wrapped in mylar emergency blankets.

Cuellar said Biden should have used a ‘more conscious approach’ instead of trying to roll back all of former President Donald Trump’s policies at once.

Read the full story here.

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3 Responses

  1. I heard Biden say he has sent most of the people that have come to the border, back. What a lie! He also lied about Trump. Makes me furious. I have no respect for him or those who are telling him what to do. They are ruining our country. They don’t love the American people or the country in the least. All they care about is themselves.
    Are they so stupid to think we don’t know when they lie? It is ridiculous. I have no respect for the Democrats.

  2. Biden is not fit to be President & his handlers & the Democratic party run by CRAZY EVIL NANCY are not fit or worthy to run our country either!! Get them out of our government!!

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