BREAKING: The Evidence Joe Biden Doesn’t Want America To See…

President Joe Biden has passed off his massive spending bill as a boom for American economy in the infrastructure sector. But the evidence reveals something much different.

“President Joe Biden’s proposed $2.25 trillion ‘infrastructure’ bill will only include $650 billion in funds for roads, bridges, and ports,” claims a report in Breitbart News.

The bill will instead include “$300 billion for housing, $400 billion for elderly and disabled care, and $300 billion to revive manufacturing in the United States” and “high-speed broadband Internet, strengthening the electric grid, and fixing or replacing water systems.”

This is a revision of priorities base on earlier proposals of the bill

To read more about where the money is really going, click here.

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  1. This is an idiot – plain and simple !!! Spend what you have and not what you think you have – just a plain and simple fact !!! This needless spending is a boon to the American taxpayer !!! Who absorbs the cost when industry is taxed higher – you do !!! These idiots have got to go !!!

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