BREAKING: The Best Super Bowl Commercial – It’s The One We Needed

The most inspiring Super Bowl commercial of the night featured a 13-time paralympic gold medal swimmer who was born in Russia without fibulas, ankles and heels.

Jessica Long was adopted from a Siberian orphanage at 13 months old. When the orphanage told her mother, “Her life, it won’t be easy” with her medical issues, her mother said, “It might not be easy, but it will be amazing. I can’t wait to meet her.”

Five months after she was adopted, Long’s legs were amputated below the knee.

She eventually competed in four Paralympic Games and became the second-most decorated paralympic athlete with a total of 23 medals.

It’s stories like this that show the kind of American determination and drive that made us the world’s foremost superpower, and I hope as a country we can hold onto that kind of grit to do lots more great things like this.

Read the full story here.

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