BREAKING: Texas Shocked By Death Announcement – Governor Shocks Nation

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) predicted Friday on Fox News that deaths along the border would increase over the coming summer months and that Biden’s policies would be directly responsible.

“These horrific images and tragic deaths, as well as assaults that we’re seeing right now, they would not be happening if the Biden administration had not opened up the border and been completely unprepared for the massive influx of the young migrant children that they are enticing to come across the border,” Abbott said.

“Those deaths that you’re talking about, those bodies that were found, that is only going to increase as the summer months get very hot,” he continued. In July and August, temperatures at the border often exceed 100 degrees and deaths of those trying to cross are common.

Of course, Biden doesn’t really care about some dead illegal immigrants when there are thousands of live ones a month invading the country that will eventually need to get amnesty if we don’t want a huge mess on our hands.

Nothing–not child rape in the migrant facilities, packing kids in by the thousands, or massive coronavirus outbreaks and certainly not a bunch of heatstroke victims–can be allowed to get in the way of creating millions of new Democrat voters at some future point. Nothing.

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