BREAKING: Texas REVERSAL – Democrats In Shock

The news just dropped about a reversal in Texas. Democrats are completely shocked. They never expected this to happen and now people are demanding answers.

While other politicians are congratulating Joe Biden, there is at least one who has flipped the script: Gov. Gregg Abbott. In a statement. he refused to acknowledge Biden as the winner and discussed the importance of the voting process.

“We all agree that every legal vote counts and that illegal votes do not,” said Abbott. “There are processes in place in each state to determine if any vote is legal, and we must respect those processes to ensure the integrity of our elections.”

“Resolving disputes over vote counts is not uncharted territory,” he continued, referring to the Bush v. Gore situation in 2000. Abbott said that “all Americans must have confidence in the accuracy and transparency of our elections. ”

Meanwhile, votes are still being counted in Arizona, Pennsyvlvania, Michigan, and Nevada. The Trump campaign also has filed lawsuits to ensure that every legal vote is counted, while every invalid vote is thrown out.

Ultimately, however, the Supreme Court may have to settle the matter Justice Samuel Alito has already ordered Pennylvania to separate ballots the state received after Election Day — presumably for scrutiny later.

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