BREAKING: Texas Governor Makes Stunning Withdrawal Announcement – White House SHOCKED…

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is firing back at the Biden administration for their decision to open the borders and allow illegal immigrants to flood into the states.

“Abbott says the state is considering a challenge to a 1982 Supreme Court decision that required public schools to teach illegal immigrant children as Texas and other border states face the prospect of a massive migrant surge,” reports Fox.

“Abbott made the remarks on ‘The Joe Pags Show’ Wednesday about the looming end to the Title 42 public health order and the potential migrant surge that may follow. The order has been used to expel a majority of migrants at the border, and DHS has said it is planning for up to 18,000 migrants a day once the order ends,” reports Fox.

“But even before the halt to that order, the border crisis is already raging. There were more than 221,000 migrant encounters in March alone, and that number is expected to have risen in April,” reports Fox.

“It is unmanageable, and it is exactly why Texas is doing more than any other state has ever done using tools and strategies no one has even managed before to secure our border,” Abbott said.

“It’s not just Spanish that teachers have to deal with with these kids, it’s multiple other languages. And so the challenge on our public schools is extraordinary,” Abbott added.

Abbott continued, suggesting that Texas will challenge Plyler v. Doe, a 1982 case that resulted in a 5-4 decision to strike down a Texas law that sought to deny public schooling to any student not “legally admitted” into the country.

To read this full story and see a video of Abbott’s interview, click here.

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