BREAKING: Texas Gov Blasts Joe Biden – Time To Pay Up

President Joe Biden may think he can just roll over Texas, but Governor Greg Abbott is setting old Biden straight.

Because of Biden’s reckless and incompetent border, the migrant surge is overwhelming border patrol resources including the resources of border states like Texas.

“We’re asking the federal government to reimburse Texas for the costs that we are incurring,” said Gov. Abbott.

Abbott elaborated on the cost to his state:

[Texas officials] are enforcing the law by going into these stash houses, by making arrests, by making the apprehensions, doing everything that the Biden administration is supposed to be doing, but even more than that. Because what happens is these cartels know exactly what they’re doing and they distract the Border Patrol so that they can try to sneak into the U.S. drugs or people from terrorist-sponsor nations and that’s exactly why we need Texas law enforcement filling that gap so that we can detect and crack down on crimes like that that may be coming across the border.

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6 Responses


    1. Because they control both houses of Congress with Kamala being the deciding vote in the senate. That’s why.

  2. Do we really have a congress that knows what they are doing? There is only a handful of Republicans who care. The HR that is led by crazy Nancy just cares about their power. Decision comes in 2022. We need to buy a new broom

  3. Glad to see Abbott finally growing a pair and telling hidenbiden where to get off! That idiot will wreck this state, and probably enjoy it. All you have to do is read the H-town Chronicle comments to the editorial board to see the uneducated young leftists taking over. The GOP, or whats left of it better wske up

  4. What a mess you have created Joe Biden & neither you or Harris think you need to correct this atrocity! You are both not fit to run this country & are the worst President & VP since Obama & VP Biden!!

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