BREAKING: Terrible News From Walter Reed Hospital – Death Announcement Stuns…

After President Trump was sent to Walter Reed Hospital following his positive coronavirus test, leftists gathered outside to scream vile rhetoric and wish death upon the President.

The horrible behavior of the left, although shocking, should surprise no one after what we have witnessed over the last few months.

Many protestors yelled the tired “Fuck Donald Trump,” mantra that has been so favored for years. However, the rhetoric went far beyond that with some saying “I hope he dies.” Another protestor said, “We don’t care how he’s feeling.”

The tolerant left is anything but and has demonstrated some of the vilest and horrific behavior following President Trump’s diagnosis with coronavirus.

The good news out of this all is that a contingent of Trump supporters gathered to both counter the horrible people calling for the death of the President and give their support to the leader of the free world.

President Trump’s condition is stable and by some reports he is improving after his initial diagnosis on Friday. These awful people will not get their wish and President Trump will likely recover in time to lead the fight to nominate Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

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