BREAKING: TERRIBLE Diagnosis Has Biden On His Back – WOW

President Biden isn’t only failing the polls right here in America, new information shows that he’s failing ACROSS THE WORLD.

A poll released by Gallup on Tuesday found that the world was “sadder, more worried, and more stressed-out” during Biden’s first year in office than the world was before he took over.

That raises Joe Biden’s “negative experience index” to a record high of 33 points in the first year of his term.

Gallup’s annual global survey contacts adults in 122 countries.

The area where the world has seen the greatest drop in happiness?

Afghanistan, of course.

Joe Biden let the Taliban take over there, so it makes sense.

“The percentage of Afghans who said they felt enjoyment, smiled or laughed, learned something interesting, or felt well-rested the previous day all dropped to new record lows,” the survey concluded.

Thanks, Dirty Joe.

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