BREAKING: Ted Cruz Was RIGHT – Democrats Are Furious

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was completely right and Democrats are furious. They tried to stir up a social media firestorm, but it has blown up in their faces.

Popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, came to Cruz’s defense on a recent show after Cruz was photographed about to board a plane with his family to Cancun as Texas was reeling from a winter storm.

“But here’s the thing,” said Rogan. “What can he do? What is the reason for him staying? Can he make it warm out?” Well, the answer to that question is obvious. Rogan and his guest, Tim Dillon, agreed that it came down to “optics.”

So, Cruz himself can’t do much at all — the storm and resulting power issues in Texas were a state and local issue without much of a federal nexus beyond President Joe Biden issuing a disaster declaration to free up federal funds.

Cruz also recognized how bad his impromptu vacation still looked. “I have to admit, I started having second thoughts almost the moment I sat down on the plane,” said Cruz in a statement.

Then, once social media erupted with the now-infamous photo, his “second thoughts” grew. Ultimately, however, Cruz was “trying to be a dad.” His daughters’ school had been canceled and they suggested going “somewhere where it’s not so cold.”

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