Many are calling for severe repercussions for Senator Ted Cruz claiming he played a part in the tragic violence perpetrated on the nation’s capital.

But Rep. Dan Crenshaw isn’t buying it.

Crenshaw set the record straight when he said “Sen. Cruz and Hawley, I disagree with them in a fundamental way about the constitutionality of this process on January 6, the ability of Congress to overturn any electoral votes, period. But, let’s be very honest, Sen. Cruz and Sen. Hawley were not hyping up January 6. They were not calling for people to fight in the streets.They were not saying this was our last stand.”

Crenshaw pointed out that many others however were, out of ignorance and seeking ill-gotten gain, pushing aggressively for a fight. “Many members of Congress did do that,” said Crenshaw. “Many commentators did do that. Many in the media have been doing that, for the last few weeks, constantly, saying, this is our time to fight. And let me tell you something very clearly, they’ve been lying to people.”

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