BREAKING: Ted Cruz Steps Down – Donald Trump Shocked

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just abruptly stepped down and President Donald Trump is shocked. One of the president’s strongest allies has decided to make a change — and Washington, DC, is abuzz with the unexpected news.

Responding to Trump’s announcement that he would consider Cruz as a Supreme Court nominee, Cruz told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo that it was “deeply honoring” but “it’s not the desire of my heart.” He continued by explaining why.

“I want to be in the political fight,” Cruz said.  “I want to be fighting to nominate and confirm three, four, five principled constitutionalist justices. But that’s not where I want to serve. I want to stay fighting right where I am in the U.S. Senate.”

This is understandable. While Cruz would be a spectacular choice for the Supreme Court, he certainly relishes the political battles and has been a strong advocate for constitutional governance in his current position. There could also be another reason.

Cruz ran for president in 2016 and it is highly possible he would like to do it again in four years. While he ultimately lost the nomination to Trump, he was a powerful candidate who was able to stay in the race much longer than most others.

As Cruz said, “I’m grateful that the president has that confidence in me,” which reflects a relationship the two leaders built after a brutal primary battle,” it is easy to see why he is committed to remaining in the U.S. Senate for the foreseeable future.

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