BREAKING: Ted Cruz Says 3 Words That INFURIATE Nancy Pelosi – HAHAHA

Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is known for his clear and passionate communication when it comes to all things President Biden and House Speaker Pelosi, and his recent interview with The Daily Wire is no different.

“Cruz told The Daily Wire this week that the ‘F*** Joe Biden’ chants that have broken out at sporting events across the country signal not ‘a wave’ but a ‘tsunami’ is set to hit Democrats in this fall’s midterm elections as he warns Democrats are facing an all-out ‘bloodbath,'” reports The Daily Wire.

Cruz said:

When you shut down schools, you’ve shut down businesses, you trample on people’s individual liberty, you destroy their jobs, you destroy their livelihoods, and you abuse government power. When the Biden DOJ directs the FBI to target moms and dads, to target parents as domestic terrorists, for daring to stand up to the abuse of power. When the Biden White House demands of Spotify that they pull Joe Rogan off the air for exercising his first amendment rights. When Canadian bureaucrats demand of big tech that they steal $10 million from Canadian truckers standing up for liberty. People get pissed.

This election is about Liberty versus tyranny and the abuses of the left, the arrogance of the left, these petty tyrants that believe they can control your life, I think has awakened a sleeping giant and there’s something beautiful happening.

There’s something organic happening when you see Canadian truckers by the thousands, that is an organic grassroots movement of rage and frustration with petty tyranny.

When you see moms in Virginia rising up against the abuse of power by local school boards, and pompous Democrats like Terry McAuliffe, and the President of the United States, that is an incredible organic uprising.

When you see tens of thousands of people in football stadiums across America, chanting ‘F Joe Biden’, and not abbreviating, it is an extraordinary demonstration of organic grassroots rage.

And a moment that truly drove it home was in a home game of the New England Patriots, when, even in Boston, Massachusetts, the entire stadium was chanting ‘F Joe Biden’, If you’re a Democrat, that’s a real problem.

“I think 2022 is going to be a bloodbath for Democrats,” said Cruz. “It’s not just going to be a wave, it’s going to be a tsunami. I believe Republicans are going to win the House and we’re going to win the Senate. And I think it will be on the order of magnitude of 1994 or 2010.”

To read the full interview, click here.

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