BREAKING: Ted Cruz Releases SCOTUS Shocker – America Is…

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said during an interview on Fox News’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” that Republicans who vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Kentaji Brown Jackson support the left’s “radical agenda,” to fundamentally transform America.

Senator Cruz has been a vehement opponent of Judge Jackson’s nomination ever since it was revealed that Judge Jackson has a history of letting pedophiles who committed horrible crimes against children off with light sentences.

Judge Jackson repeatedly ignored recommended sentences for pedophiles, even those who committed horrible crimes against infants.

Judge Jackson even went as far as to apologize to one pedophile for sentencing him to three months in prison. That particular individual possessed child pornography of boys as young as eleven being raped by adult men.

Judge Jackson’s treatment of horrible criminals is an automatic disqualifier for sitting on the nation’s highest court. All of that comes before examining Judge Jackson’s leftist beliefs.

Senator Cruz is right to call out other Republicans that aren’t standing up and demanding that President Biden nominate someone else. Judge Jackson has no business being on the Supreme Court, let alone any other court.

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