BREAKING: Ted Cruz MURDER Bombshell – GOP In Shock

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has accused Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of trying to have her murdered during the January 6th riot at the Capitol.

This insane and defamatory claim has gone completely unaddressed by the Biden administration, which has promised to promote unity and encourage a political ceasefire following four years of borderline war between Republicans and Democrats.

Cruz reached out to Ocasio-Cortez over the developing Robinhood/GameStop situation and was willing to collaborate with her to solve the problem.

Ocasio-Cortez rebuffed Cruz on Twitter, saying, “I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago, so you can sit this one out. Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.”

Cruz responded by saying, “You know, there’s a lot of partisan anger and rage on the Democratic side, right? And it’s not healthy. For our country, it’s certainly not conducive of healing or unity. But everyone has to decide how they want to interact with others.”

Cruz’s response to AOC’s outrageous accusation is remarkably levelheaded and reasonable, characteristics the Democrats noticeably lack.

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