BREAKING: Ted Cruz Drops The Hammer -Joe Biden Is FUMING

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) dropped the hammer on Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, saying that a vote for Biden threatens our fundamental liberties.

Religious liberty, the 2nd Amendment, and free speech are all under threat under an administration led by Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA).

During an appearance on Friday on Fox News, Cruz said, “If you want to preserve your religious liberty, if you want to preserve your right to free speech, if you want to preserve the Second Amendment, there are four votes that have been on the Supreme Court to take those rights away.”

Biden and Harris are anything but friendly to the 1st and 2nd Amendments and religious liberty goes the moment it clashes with any tenet of progressive ideology.

Cruz makes it clear that voting for President Trump doesn’t have to be about his personality or his Twitter habits, but about preserving fundamental freedoms.

President Trump is a bulwark against the corrosive wave of progressivism that has infected the nation. The left attacks Trump so viciously because he is an obstacle to their plans to take our freedoms.

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