BREAKING: Ted Cruz Drops Election Fraud Bombshell – Democrats Are Stunned

Senator Ted Cruz is not backing down.

Addressing the bias of the leftists mainstream media and their collusion with the Democrat party, Cruz was adamant that corruption is clear.

“Democrats and the news media — and sadly, the news media is just part of the Democrats,” said the Republican from the Lone Star State. “They are one —their talking point is that there is no voter fraud. It doesn’t exist.”

Cruz clarified that he stands by his position of calling for a review of facts. Nothing more. Nothing less. “What I have said is voter fraud is real, and we need to examine the evidence and look at the actual facts,” said Cruz. “And in particular what is the evidence of how much voter fraud occurred and did it occur in sufficient quantities in significant states to alter the outcome of the election?”

To read more about Cruz and his comments about election fraud, click here.

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