BREAKING: Ted Cruz Confirms Rumors – He’s Really Doing It

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) sent a letter to President Joe Biden to urge him to let the press accompany him to the border next week during a planned trip there.

Cruz and 14 colleagues are traveling to the border to see conditions for themselves, but in the interest of transparency, Cruz would like the press to be allowed to go as well.

Biden currently has a gag order on all press at the border unless reports are first approved by the administration.

“Despite your administration’s refusal to admit that this is a crisis, the American people are beginning to understand the gravity of the situation,” Cruz said.

“Denying the press the ability to observe, film, and report on the condition at the border is not openness or transparency,” Cruz said.

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17 Responses

  1. Biden doesn’t want border exposed because he knows what’s going on there is wrong. He encouraged migrants to come and he never had a plan to deal with them.
    During his campaign he promised to do many things but in reality he had no plans. He is a fake and fraud who is destroying this country. Hope all of you who voted for him are satisfied with what a disgrace you elected.

  2. The American people deserve and demand the right to see how OUR tax money is being spent. WE THE PEOPLE want answers.

  3. Senator Cruz is correct, Biden is wrong !!! Since when do the American people have such a spineless leader ??? The border crossings are from all over the world – terrorists included !!! Has this administration lost its mind ???

    1. The Democrats lost their minds the day Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to became President. What you see happening now is what was planed to take place when Hillary won the election. THE OVER THROUGH OF AMERICA. Welcome to the New World Order.

  4. If everything at the southern border is just fine as Biden says then having the press send their articles for censorship is not needed. In that case the press would be lauding Bidens treasonous actions as being all sunshine and roses. Also, his actions already are in conflict with the Constitution and his oath of office in respect of his duty to protect our citizens. His crimes thus far are clearly impeachable offenses as are the crimes of his supporters like Harris.

    1. What needs to be done is the press needs to ignore the idiot Biden administration and just report what is really happening at the southern border.

  5. Anyone with a brain in their head knows it is only a matter of time before Biden steps down or is forced out by his own party. If the Democrats think they are going to put Harris in his place . . . there will be protests, riots and bloodshed. The middle of the roaders who voted for Biden will start to see the corrupt election, and the Democrats fraudulent election plans all along.

  6. Senator, the other elected officials like yourself need to keep pressing Biden to admit to the public that he is incapable of serving as President and he keeps making mistakes that are going to have a dramatic negative on the lives of ALL Americans.

  7. Good for you Ted Cruz. All other Republican senators needs to stick up for America an fight this evil Biden an his democratic cabinet. We the people don’t want them an they need to go. Stop this idiot in everything he does. He has destroyed the economy. One that is trying to come back after this pandemic that who knows created. And it was created. It’s so sad that so many people had to die. Thank you for fighting for America Mr Cruz

  8. Agree with all posts! Senator Cruz, take the press with you, as a citizen, you have that right. Have them HONESTLY report on what is seen! This is clearly child abuse and crimes against our country and humanity! This cannot be allowed to continue! With Biden refusing media access, what is really happening to these “ kids”?

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