BREAKING: Ted Cruz And Ben Carson Confirm Rumors – They’re Going To…

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Dr. Ben Carson, along with a host of other conservative figures, have signed a letter condemning Yale Law School for allowing a mob of leftist fanatics to shut down a free speech panel.

The letter was signed by roughly 1,400 major figures, from Senators to professors like clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson.

The letter began saying, “Our nation desperately needs the next generation of attorneys, legislators, judges, and Supreme Court justices to be marked by the character and values that undergird the American legal profession and a free society.”

Yale Law School is a nexus from which some of our most important future legislators and litigators will be educated. If Yale Law School condones the suppression of free speech, that bodes ill for the future.

The letter continued by saying, “These include, at the very least, respect for the right to freedom of speech, a commitment to living peacefully with one another despite differences, and esteem for truly open dialogue and debate.”

Yale Law School has so far defended the fanatical students who threatened and intimidated the free speech panel, and until the school relents, drastic action must be taken.

Read the full story here.

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