BREAKING: Tech Companies Get Nailed – Top GOP Senator Pulls The Trigger

Republicans Senators Kelly Loeffler from Georgia and Tom Cotton from Arkansas are releasing a bill that has the lefists big tech companies quaking in their communist boots.

According to a report from Fox News, the bill would “crack down on tech companies that allow child sexual exploitation on their platforms by stripping liability protections, permitting victims to sue and introducing penalties for those responsible.”

The “Holding Sexual Predators and Online Enablers Accountable Act” is directed towards removing Section 230 protections from online platforms that “willfully or recklessly promotes or facilitates child exploitation.”

Fox News reported the following about Section 230:

It has been a target of conservatives seeking to rein in the power of Big Tech companies and hold them accountable for what goes on on their platforms. In this instance, stripping those protections would also allow victims of such exploitation to pursue civil suits against those companies.

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