BREAKING: Team USA Busted In Chinese Scandal – Spy Conspiracy Stuns America…

Team USA athletes participating in the Olympics being held in Beijing, China, have been warned to use burner phones to prevent suspected Chinese spying.

A recent advisory memo from Team USA told American athletes, “Like computers, the data and applications on cell phones are subject to malicious intrusion, infection, and data compromise.” The memo went on to discuss “Chinese surveillance during the Games.”

China has become notorious for its shameless spying operations, and many Americans would be right to wonder why China was ever selected to hold the Olympic games.

Not only is it an open secret that China is brazenly spying on foreign athletes, but China is also engaged in massive human rights violations that are straight out of the 20th century.

Recent evidence has revealed that China has enslaved an entire ethnic group in Western China, and the stories that have leaked speak of conditions rivaling the horrific concentration camps of the Nazis.

The allegations against China have led many to dub the Olympics in Beijing as the “Genocide Games.” Instead of affording China the prestige of the Olympic stage, the world needs to be holding China accountable for its abhorrent behavior and human rights abuses.

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