BREAKING: Surprise State Makes Donald Trump Number 1 – Biden is FURIOUS…

Much to the shock of Democrats, former President Donald Trump is leading President Biden in the crucial swing state of Michigan, according to a Blueprint Polling survey released on Thursday.

The survey found that Trump is leading Biden in a hypothetical 2024 matchup. Trump captured 40.4% of survey respondents to President Biden’s 38.2% of respondents.

According to the survey, “Trump leads with both those who say they are definitely voting and those who are probably voting, with undecideds and third party choices growing to a combined 36.8% among probable voters.”

This survey is the latest of dozens that are showing Trump either tying with President Biden or outright beating him in hypothetical head-to-head matchups for 2024’s presidential election.

The 2020 presidential election supposedly destroyed Trump’s political career, and yet Trump is roaring back to relevance in key swing states just one year into President Biden’s term.

If Democrats don’t find a way to reverse course, Trump will continue to build on the leads he has, and by 2024 he could march unopposed into the White House for a second term.

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