BREAKING: Surgeon General Exposes Masking SHOCKER [Developing]

The Florida Surgeon General said Monday during a COVID-19 rountable held by Governor Ron DeSantis that the data did not support COVID lockdowns and mask mandates.

“We’ve had a lot of people with great degrees hang their reputations on the false statement — and I say false based on what we see in terms of the data — that the lockdowns or the mask mandates or the vaccine mandates would be a cure-all,” Joseph Ladapo said.

He said he didn’t see an “appreciable” difference in the infection or death data between places that had mask mandates and ones that didn’t.

DeSantis accused officials of trying to hide data that didn’t support their mask and lockdown agenda.

“And so what we had to do in Florida was really work hard to find the actual data, look at the studies, and consider those regardless of if the media wanted to,” he said.

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