BREAKING: Supreme Court VACANCY News – America Shocked

The news just dropped about a Supreme Court vacancy and America is shocked. No one expected this announcement to come less than 100 days before the election.

“Absolutely, I’d do it,” said President Donald Trump in response to a question from radio host Hugh Hewitt on whether he’d nominate someone to fill a Supreme Court vacancy this year.

According to Trump, he would “move quickly” to do so — even though we’re in the middle of a presidential election. “Why not?” he asked rhetorically, before bringing up the Democrats.

“I mean, they would,” Trump continued. “The Democrats would if they were in this position.” He is absolutely right: Democrats would not delay an appointment due to it being an election year.

Liberals can save everyone the sob story about 2016, too. Readers will remember when Senate Republicans denied consideration of outgoing President Barack Obama’s pick to replace Scalia.

But Trump has already successfully nominated two justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, and an election-year vacancy would be an opportunity to place another conservative on the court.

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