BREAKING: Supreme Court SHUTS IT DOWN – Trump Is Smiling

The U.S. Supreme Court just completely shut it down. President Donald Trump is smiling and liberal Democrats are furious. This is amazing.

With a single ruling, our nation’s highest court “brought an end to lawsuits over whether Donald Trump illegally profited off his presidency” and “ordered the lower court rulings thrown out” on the matter, reported Fox News.

Why? Because Trump is no longer in office, making the issue “moot.” This means all cases were thrown out, from the lawsuits filed against Trump to his appeals. Liberals never had a case in the first place.

It was always political theater meant to stir up the Democrats’ base — just like the Russian “collusion” farce, the first impeachment over a simple phone call, and the second impeachment claiming Trump “incited” a riot.

Now, there is one issue left to confront, and that is the Senate trial stemming from the Democrats’ second impeachment push. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is confident that Trump will not be convicted.

Earlier this week, Paul called for a vote on the constitutionality of a Senate trial. While it was defeated 55-45, he said that is “more than will be needed to acquit and to eventually end this partisan impeachment process.”

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