BREAKING: Supreme Court Shuts Democrats Down – Trump is Smiling

The U.S. Supreme Court has shut California Democrats down by allowing five churches to hold indoor services in a repudiation of Governor Gavin Newsom’s draconian lockdowns.

Early in February, the court also ordered California to allow all churches to hold services at 25% capacity.

California has been subject to some of the most restrictive lockdowns, and Governor Newsom made a habit of going after churches that refused to comply with lockdown orders.

The future is unclear when it comes to the cases that Californian churches have brought against Governor Newsom. The injunction will stand and protect churches while the case is appealed, but the clock is ticking for any legal action.

Because of declining Covid-19 rates in California, lockdown measures may be eased in the coming weeks. It’s unclear if churches will pursue their legal cases if lockdowns are lifted before the cases can reach the Supreme Court.

Regardless of what happens in the coming weeks, these orders from the Supreme Court are great news. Officials like Governor Newsom need to be held in check by the judiciary.

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