BREAKING: Supreme Court Shocker – Ted Cruz Reveals Bombshell

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) dropped a bombshell on the left by reminding them that President Biden’s attempts to pack the Supreme Court are shockingly similar to the efforts of FDR, with one key difference.

Cruz sat down for an interview on “Fox News @ Night” on Saturday where he said, “This is not the first time Democrats have tried to do this. FDR, when he was president, tried to pack the Supreme Court to ram through left-wing policies and his own party. The Democratic Party stopped, and they said, well, that’s too much that’s too far, it would undermine the integrity of the judicial system, it would undermine the rule of law, we aren’t going to do it.”

The key difference today is that the Democrat Party no longer has the same values that would compel them to stop and question the consequences of packing the Supreme Court.

Cruz continued saying, “The difference is now it’s the congressional Democrats who are cheering Joe Biden on to pack the court. And if they succeed in packing the court, we would have a radical left-wing Supreme Court that would take away our fundamental rights to free speech, our rights to religious liberty, our rights to the Second Amendment, all of those rights, hang in the balance.”

The Democrat Party has sunk to a new low to the point where they are willing to defile and destroy any institution if it stands in their path towards power.

Democrats once were able to stand up to FDR and say that the consequences of packing the Supreme Court were not worth tearing down a key institution. Now they have abdicated any semblance of moral high ground in their bid for power.

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  1. The Dems are a bunch of thugs. Their only purpose on this planet is to destroy anything Trump did whether it helped our country or not. They are all out for power and to destroy the constitution of the United States of America.
    Where did these people come from?

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