BREAKING: Supreme Court Shocker – It’s Going To Be AOC

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making headlines with a stunning Supreme Court announcement.

AOC is telling America that the Supreme Court should not be able to overturn the laws created by elected officials in Congress.

The theory of checks and balances aside, her complete rejection of the fundamentals of American history and politics is disconcerting.

“The idea that nine people, that a nine-person court, can overturn laws that … hundreds and thousands of legislators, advocacy and policymakers drew consensus on … we have to … just ask ourselves, I think as a country, how much does that current structure benefit us? And I don’t think it does,” said Ocasio Cortez.

Her stance is exceptionally radical but she is not alone. Barack Obama said something similar when pouting about not potentially getting his way. The possibility that “an unelected group of people would somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law,” was a quoted complaint from the former President.

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14 Responses

      1. so true she shows how dumb she is every time she opens her mouth get smart and vote her and a lot of the other Democrats out in 2022 and save our country

    1. The only people who listen to her are the ones who voted for her. Progressives, who are really Communist. People who will cause their children to live under a dictatorship.

  1. Should AOC be nominated to the Supreme Court? It would be much the same as electing Joe Biden president!

  2. AOC you belong in a cement room, no windows and a hole in the floor to do your business. You are so ignorant and totally out of control with your dribble. Go find your pacifier and keep your mouth closed. If you had a brain you’d be dangerous to the population.

  3. She is to dangerous without a brain. Imagine what it would be like if she did have a brain. All hell would brake loose.

  4. AOC has the bottom 2% in effectiveness In Congress. She is the ugliest and dumbest. She majored in economics and owned that she didn’t have a clue what economic is. She took degree and got job as lap dancer and fired for cheating on tips.(rule- had to pool but she was keeping all-criminal greed). Certified Creepy Stupid– why does media obsess on her. Small district. No followers there. And she reporterly never changes undies until Mondays.

  5. All comments aside: AOC, may sound unintelligent but she will tickle someone’s ear. Saw a political cartoon today; a truck being driven by a terrified Uncle Sam, American Flag on the door. The cargo is the Far Left Agenda. The truck is ready to go over a Cliff – to crash and burn. The only thing stopping the truck from moving is a Metal Boot on the Front Driver Side Tire, which has etched on it SCOTUS. The Supreme Court is all we have protecting our Democracy from the Democrats turning our the United States of America 🇺🇸 into a bunch of communists, ruling with no morals.

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