BREAKING: Supreme Court Shock – It Finally Happened…

News is spreading nationwide about a Supreme Court shocker. It finally happened and millions of Americans are stunned — it could be the end of an era.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital on Friday “for chills and a fever,” however, she was released a couple of days later. But yet another health scare has people talking again.

Even though Ginsburg’s spokeswoman reported that “she is home and doing well,” which everyone is certainly thankful for, one has to wonder how much longer she can maintain a strenuous schedule at 86-years-old.

President Trump is waiting to nominate her replacement — possibly with a conservative such as Judge Amy Barrett — but it appears Ginsburg is still in no hurry to vacate her seat for a newcomer.

This should not surprise anyone, given the controversial cases pending before the Supreme Court. The witch-hunt over Trump’s tax returns is likely one she wants to weigh in on with the other liberal justices.

So, while Ginsburg’s politics leave much to be desired, her worth ethic and commitment to service are admirable. But let’s hope she chooses to retire soon — we need a constitutionally-minded justice to replace her.

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