BREAKING: Supreme Court Sends Shock Message To Joe Biden [Developing]

It’s out of our hands. At this point, the Supreme Court will make the final decision:

Did Joe Biden illegally terminate Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program?

Ask any conservative and they’ll tell you that of course he did.

The problem is that the liberals in this country don’t seem to realize that Biden’s only objective is to have it as open as possible in order to establish more liberal voters in America.

Trump’s program required officials to return border crossers to Mexico while awaiting their hearings in American courts.

Under Biden’s plan, these illegal immigrants are simply let go in America while the judges HOPE that they come back on the day of their trial.

Spoiler alert: most of the ILLEGAL immigrants don’t come back because they are criminals. It’s in the name, ILLEGAL immigrant.

Now, the case will be heard by the Supreme Court as Biden v. Texas 21-954.

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  1. To think all these illegal immigrants will show up at the court on the day they are suppose is absolutely fantasy!!!! Do you still believe in the tooth fairy? Of course, we have all grown up over that.

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