BREAKING: Supreme Court Scandal Linked Directly To Biden – This Is Wild…

Republican Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is standing up to the Biden administration.

Johnson urged Biden and his administration to condemn attempts to intimidate U.S. Supreme Court justices.

“Johnson told Fox News Channel’s ‘Hannity’ that the silence from the Biden administration and Democrats over the threats directed at justices over the looming abortion ruling was ‘outrageous,'” reports Breitbart.

“It is outrageous that you don’t have the Biden administration condemning this intimidation and that you don’t have Democrats speaking out against it,” Johnson said. “And if you remember Chuck Schumer on the steps of the Supreme Court threatening Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh saying you unleashed the whirlwind, you will pay the price; you won’t even know what hit you.”

“Sean, turn the tables,” Johnson continued. “Can you imagine if a Republican congressional leader had uttered those words, issued that threat against a liberal justice? First of all, that Republican congressperson would not be in Congress. They would have had to resign in shame, and they certainly wouldn’t have been elected majority leader of the Senate like Democrat senators like Chuck Schumer. So, again, it’s outrageous that Democrats don’t condemn this threatened violence.”

Johnson said that the protests will turn into “riots and violence” if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade and Democrats don’t begin condemning the threats.

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