BREAKING: Supreme Court Says YES – Trump Grinning

President Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went smoothly thanks to cooperation with the city of Tulsa and Oklahoma Supreme Court.

A suit was filed demanding that the event require all attendees to wear masks and maintain 6 feet of distance between individuals. Obviously such demands were unrealistic in an enclosed space with thousands of attendees.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the event fell within the standards of the reopening plan for Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s plan for reopening is quite lenient compared to other states.

The Trump campaign obviously took serious steps to ensure safety was the top priority at the event. In the end, the rally got all the legal approval and support to go forward.

Trump’s trouble wasn’t in getting the rally through legal hoops, it was in the attendance for the rally itself.

Numerous factors suggested that a high turnout predicted may have been too much to expect. But the President failed to fill the venue and now there are serious concerns about enthusiasm for Trump 2020.

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